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Accessing your CóinSpot login account is simple once you’ve completed the account registration process. To access the CóinSpot account, follow the simple steps listed

CóinSpot Login | Log in to Your Account

CōinSpot is a third-party cryptocurrency exchange platform in Australia which launched in 2013. The platform has a wide range of coins with more than 100 cryptocurrencies to buy and sell. It is one of the biggest platforms with more than 2.5 million users, and the interface of CōinSpot is also easy to navigate, which helps those users who are entirely new and have never used any trading platform. If you wish to access all the benefits, you first have to create your account and need to deposit funds to start trading on CóinSpot Login.

Guide to Install The CóinSpot Login Mobile App

  • Firstly, open the “Application Store.”

  • go to the “Google Play Store” if you are an Android device user.

  • If you are using an iOS device, then go to the “App Store.”

  • Type “CōinSpot” in the search bar.

  • Find and tap the “Install” button to start installing.

  • The application store takes a few minutes to complete the process.

Guide to Create a New Account on CóinSpot Login

  • Go to the official website of CóinSpot Login on your browser, and press the “Enter” button.

  • You can also open the mobile app if you installed it on your Android or iOS device.

  • After that, the signup form will be open on your screen.

  • Enter your “Email Address” that you check and use regularly.

  • In the next field, create a password for your CóinSpot Login account.

  • Enter the “Referral or Affiliate Code” (if you have one).

  • Click the “Create Account” button when you enter all the information,

  • On the next screen, click the “Complete Verification” button.

  • Open your email ID and click the “Verification Link” to verify your email address.

  • Click the “Complete Verification” button.

  • Select “Account Type” and enter your “Personal Information” such as name, date of birth, address, mobile number, etc.; make sure that you enter your Australian phone number.

  • Once you enter all the details, upload your applicable ID documents in .jpeg or .png format.

  • Click the “Submit for Verification” button.

  • After that, you have to verify your mobile number. To do this, enter the 6-digit code in the required box.

  • After submitting all the details and completing the verification process of your email address and phone number, you will receive a notification on your verification status.

Guide to Login into CōinSpot

  • Open the website or mobile app of CóinSpot Login.

  • After creating an account on CōinSpot, open the CóinSpot Login page on your screen.

  • Enter your email address and password on the login page that you entered in the registration form.

  • Once you enter your login credentials, hit the “Login” button.

Guide to Retrieve/Reset the CóinSpot Login password

  • Firstly, Go to the CóinSpot Login page.

  • Click the “Forgot your Password?” button.

  • After that, you will automatically land on the “Password Reset Page.”

  • Enter your registered “Email Address” and complete the “Captcha.”

  • Click the “Email Password Reset” button.

  • After that, you will receive a code on your email address.

  • Enter your “New Password” two times on the next screen and enter the “Two-Factor Code” in the required field.

  • Click the “Reset” button to successfully change the CóinSpot Login Password.

Guide to Buying Bitcoin on CóinSpot Login

  • After creating an account on CóinSpot Login, you have to “deposit AUD” in your account to buy bitcoin.

  • On the top of the page, click the “Buy/Sell” button.

  • Click on the “Buy BTC” button.

  • Enter the “AUD Amount” to start trading for BTC.

  • At last, click the “Buy” button to buy it.

Guide to Submit an AUD Withdrawal Request on CóinSpot Login

  • Open the CóinSpot Login page, and enter your login details to sign in.

  • On the dashboard of CōinSpot, click the “Profile Icon” in the top-right corner.

  • Select the “My Account” menu and choose the “Withdraw AUD” option from the whole panel.

  • Enter the “AUD Amount” that you want to withdraw.

  • Check whether all the details are correct are not.

  • At last, click the “Withdraw Funds” button to complete the process.

  • Note: make sure that your bank details are accurate and ensure that your account has enough funds to withdraw.

What Services And Features Does CóinSpot Login Offers?

1. Instantly Purchase Crypto With AUD

CōinSpot has the ability to buy crypto with AUD. It is free to deposit AUD in your CóinSpot Login account. Users can easily purchase bitcoin or more than 360 coins by pressing the buy button. And they don’t need to wait for other traders or an e-commerce counterpart on a price before you can buy the crypto that you want.

2. User-Friendly Interface

CōinSpot offers a very straightforward interface that helps beginners enter the world of cryptocurrency. The platform provides an additional price chart window for active traders to conduct technical analysis. This option is applicable on both the mobile app and desktop versions. ofc

3. Staking of 22 Cryptos

CóinSpot Login is one of Australia’s first crypto exchange platforms that introduced staking on their platform. Currently, it stacks on 22 different coins, which helps to grow the amount of crypto you purchase as you invest in the long term.

4. NFT Marketplace

This feature is a welcome addition for all Australian users. There is no need to sign up to OpenSea, and also, you don’t need to link a wallet to buy ETH. With a CóinSpot Login account, you can buy it with any cryptocurrency you link.

5. Customer Support

CōinSpot offers a live chat feature that is open 9 am – 8 pm AEDT on weekdays, and 9 am – 5 pm AEDT on weekends. Users can chat with the team and tell them about their issues. Additionally, CōinSpot has a FAQ section, where users can see various types of problems and their solutions.

6. Mobile Apps

CōinSpot can be accessed via mobile apps, which are available to install or download through the google play store or ios app store.

7. Security Features

Users can customize their CóinSpot Login account with a two-factor authentication feature, custom withdrawal restriction, anti-phishing phrases, etc. the 2FA method generates verification codes on registered email addresses that help to secure their account from any type of hacking.

8. Referral Program

The referral service gives their customers the opportunity to earn $10 in bitcoin after making their AUD deposit without giving any trading fees. Users can also share the referral code with their friends or family members once they complete the registration process on CóinSpot Login.


CóinSpot is one of the biggest exchange platforms in Austria, where users can easily buy, sell and store different types of cryptocurrencies and coins. In the detailed read above, you can find out the steps to create your personal account to start trading. The above section you will also see all the available features that CōinSpot offers to its users.

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